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Aji WOW: a candy-filled plastic toilet

Aji WOW is my series of unusual Japanese food/drink reviews. 'Aji' () means 'flavour', and the name's also a pun on 'ajiwau' (味わう) - 'to enjoy the taste of'.

This time: Moco Moco Mocolette 4.

Yeah, that's a toy-sized plastic loo filled with frothy candy. And judging by the name, this is the 4th version. "Delicious bubbles fluff up from a cute miniature toilet!" Sounds tasty, huh?

There are a few different Mocolettes. You can get Western-style toilets and Japanese-style squat loos. And each one's made in several colours, and/or with cute anime eyes.

My box contained recognisably European-style bog #3, the bright pink Mocole Pamyu Pamyu. It's easy to spot in the pic above, you really can't miss that thing. Mocole 3 is inspired by colourful Harajuku icon, J-Pop queen Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The heart shapes in the eyes are a nice touch.

The instructions start with full toilet assembly. Before you can use the loo, you have to put it together yourself. Don't fret if you're not carrying a full set of screwdrivers! The plastic bits clip together easily, which in retrospect is obvious for a product so clearly made for much younger people.

No plumbing knowledge or tools required, and that suits me just fine. I didn't even need to locate the stopcock.

It's a bit like making a Kinder Surprise toy, if you know what one of those is. Here's the end result. I felt it was appropriate to put the vaguely poop-shaped stickers on top of the lid. Those stickers are super sticky - I realised I'd put the eyes a bit too far apart, but they wouldn't peel back off.

Time to open the cistern and pour the candy powder in. There are 2 sachets: one 'cider' (not alcoholic, basically soda), one strawberry. Didn't spot any other flavours, so I imagine every Mocolette comes with these. I went for the blue soda this time.

So, you open the top and fill the toilet block with the contents of one sachet. Close the lid and give it a couple of taps to make sure the powder's settled at the bottom. Then open it again and pour cold water on top.

The inside of the lid acts as a mini measuring spoon, which is handy. These instructions say to use 2 lidfuls of water, being careful not to spill any. You don't want to spend ages wiping down a wee (pun intended) pink toilet, now do you?

Wait a few seconds and watch - if you dare. As the water mixes with the powder, the candy bubbles up in the toilet bowl. Moco moco - モコモコ - 'fluffy'. Or 'lumpy'. Like the pipe's backed up somewhere further down in the sewerage system. Yum?

Well, it's supposed to happen like that. In theory. The above picture shows where the froth stopped. In reality, I had to pour in at least 4 times as much water as the pack suggested. (Had to get a measuring jug out, even.) And then give the powder a brisk stir to get it going.

You're meant to end up with a full toilet bowl like this:

It finally got there, with some encouragement. The pipe was indeed backed up - half the powder stuck at the bottom didn't mix into the water properly. It didn't come out until I put the toilet under a tap later on.

To taste the candy, you... you drink it out of the toilet bowl with a straw. The instructions do say to use the straw for mixing the powder as well. I wasn't expecting to have to do quite so much of that...

(I am SO glad this wasn't a cola-flavoured powder pack. Not that I don't like cola - but think of the colour...)

Seeing as I'd put so much water in by that point, the taste was pretty weak. And trust me, you don't EVER want to feel like you're drinking flavoured water straight from the loo. It's offputting to say the least.

Verdict: 2/10. Candy Flush.

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