My work

I work with a mix of agencies and brands. I do more than write for them, if needed. I've created full tone of voice guidelines, combed through PowerPoint slides for typos and missing commas, and fine-tuned their Wordpress blog settings until the copy looks as good as it sounds.

I speak in your voice. I'll write in the way you want your brand to talk to your audience, using the customer data and insights that show it'll sell.

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I've spent nearly 3 years working as the Content Director at DEJAPAN in Osaka, Japan. The English-language content marketing and social media was solely down to me. Which is why you might think the company Twitter account's a bit... otaku, sometimes.

This post about Neon Genesis Evangelion went nuts on Reddit.

Shop Japan with DEJAPAN - go peek around the website.

Funny Women

I've been writing for Funny Women since 2013. I'm a former member of their editorial committee and advisory board, and now occasional Asia correspondent.

After writing one particularly snarky article, I was asked to defend the correct use of the apostrophe on live BBC radio.

Find a full list of my FW articles by clicking (or tapping) here.


Punslinger by day, pointer on the clap-o-meter by night.

The SSZ website is (sadly) dead. We had a hell of a time, and hopefully inspired young creatives to get out there and eat some brains. Zombies are dead, long live zombies.

Take a look at the 'Appy occasion cards we made, if you like.


I-Galaxy Media

I've written for IGM and several of their clients. Like Urban Junk: backpacks and flight bags with personality. Bags with bags of personality, even.

Read more on the I-Galaxy Media website (I came up with all the homepage copy).

Buzz Brothers

A digital creative agency based in Geneva, Switzerland. I've helped the BB team with English content (social posts, newsletters, blogs, banners and KVs etc.) for one of their biggest international clients.

Quadrant Design

Sometimes the interior design, architecture, and digital media projects the QD team take on are so ambitious and dramatic, they can't put them into words.

That's why I do it for them.

Go on, check out the project descriptions in their portfolio.