Why should I hire a copywriter?

If you need to sell something, convince someone, and add more value to every sentence, then you need a copywriter. Be honest: how many hours have you spent staring at a screen, waiting for magic words that just won't appear? That blank page isn't making you money. Hiring a copywriter means you can use that time doing something more productive, and the words still get written for maximum effect.

So why should I hire you, Kady?

Most clients I've worked with come back for more. They do that because I have a tendency to nail the first draft, and to pick up the typos somebody else missed. They do it because I'm efficient with both words and time, and because I work hard to be waffle-y versatile. (I also write puns.) The sense of humour doesn't hurt, either.

Take a look through my portfolio to see how I've helped other clients.

How much do you charge?

Ah, now this is the one question you came here for. I don't publish my rates, please get in touch. Depending on what you need, I'm happy to quote a day rate, an hourly rate, or a cost per project. You get what you pay for, and that's far more than just my words. I write copy that gets more views, more clicks, more shares, and more sales.

Are you that type of copywriter? You know, the kind who gets precious about grammar and punctuation to the point of driving everyone else mad?

If you feel like a word or phrase isn't right, I'll happily suggest some other options. If you want me to put an apostrophe in where one isn't needed, I'll fight back on it until my last breath.

What's your favourite word?

Queue. The only word in the English language with four consecutive silent vowels. Isn't it beautiful? I feel like it's an appropriate choice for a Brit.

Can we meet or schedule a call?

Sure, let's start with email and work out a good time to chat. We can arrange to talk over the phone, set up a video call, or meet for coffee - mine's a caramel latte.

Where are you based?

For the foreseeable future, I'm in Japan. When I'm in the UK, I stay in either London or Northamptonshire. Drop me a line to see where I'm furiously typing from today.

I want to ask something that isn't on this list. What do I do?

Please fill out the contact form on the homepage. I'm also on Twitter, and I have been known to respond to smoke signals but it's usually by calling 999.