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About me

My name's Kady Potter: Kady as in 'that weird name you're not sure how to pronounce', and Potter as in 'No, I'm not Harry's sister'. I've been a copywriter, comedy writer and 'misplaced apostrophe spotter' since 2010.

I started out doing print and digital marketing, including online content for web-based brands. I've also worked at a London copywriting agency, writing everything from Twitter updates to thousand-word articles. And now I live in Japan, working in English and Japanese on a daily basis.

Find me on: X (formerly Twitter) | LinkedIn | Cargo Collective

Variety is the spice of life (with cinnamon a close second), and cliché aside it's what I thrive on. I work best when I have lots of different things to do, and I take to a new tone of voice like a duck to bread.

Plus, I love being a writer. I can't imagine doing anything else. This isn't a dalliance, or a crush, or a phase. I've built the career I wanted, and I make lots of clients happy.

Other things I love doing:

  • studying Japanese

  • drinking lots of tea and coffee

  • making terrible, groan-worthy puns

  • writing parody songs

  • trying and reviewing weird and/or limited edition food and drinks

  • exploring, wherever I may be

  • meeting other creative people (why not say hi?)

  • tweeting

  • making bullet-pointed lists

  • using bullet-pointed lists on my website, to the chagrin of other copywriters

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